Frequently Asked Questions

We advise that if your leaflets have a deadline on them that you give us as much notice as possible and also mention this when booking in your job. We always do our very best to ensure that deadlines are met, however there are a few reasons why deadlines may be missed.

  • If rain or heavy snow is forecast we sometimes call off work in order to avoid wasting the time of our employees.
  • If one of our distributors injures themselves or calls in sick this may reduce our capacity & affect delivery.
  • If it is above 28 Celsius we will not deliver.
  • If you leave it to last minute to book in & we have other jobs to finish before we can start yours this may affect delivery time.
We always recommend you book in advance. This gives us the best opportunity to plan in advance & avoid any issues.

Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee every single property in an area will be covered in an area. There are many reasons why a property may not get covered. 

  • No junk mail signs on the door. – If a property has a no junk mail sign, we miss the property to avoid annoying anyone.
  • Person doesn’t want one. – If a person that lives at the property requests that we don’t leave a leaflet with them, we won’t. We feel it’s important to respect other peoples wishes.
  • Dog at the address. – If there is a dog in the garden or jumping up at the door, we reserve the right not to cover the property. It is important to us that we do not put our distributors in danger.
  • Door to property is open. – There could be a dog in the property.
  • Flats with no access. – If the door is not open & the tradesman button does not work we will not be able to cover flats. – We don’t want it annoy people by buzzing every flat until someone lets us in as this will reflect badly on your business as well as ours & we do not push bunches of leaflets under doors.
  • Cannot find the letterbox. – believe it or not, some people just do not have a letterbox, this tends to only happen in small villages & is rare. If we cannot find a delivery point at a property, we will not deliver.

We use a number of security measures to ensure staff are delivering the leaflets & work is being carried out effectively. 

  • Live GPS Tracking – This allows us to see where our distributors are at any point of the day.
  • GPS playback – This allows to see exactly where our distributors have been during the day.
  • Property counting software – Knowing how many properties are in an area means we know exactly how many leaflets our distributor should be bringing back at the end of the day.
  • Monitoring delivery time – It should take on average between 5-6 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets in a built up area like Lincoln. If we were in a situation where the GPS tracking showed only 3 hours work was carried out but 1000 had been delivered it’d be obvious something was wrong.
  • Experience – Our director Karl Anders has been delivering leaflets for 5 years all over Lincolnshire. Using his personal experience we know the areas well & on average how long they should take to cover.
  • Professional staff – When taking on employees, we don’t just hand them a pile of your leaflets & say “off you go!”, we interview employees at our offices in Lincoln in order to ensure we get the right people for the job. We then give them an induction day to explain the job in detail & then train them on the job. We take staff on as employees rather than treating people as self employed and that’s why our staff have been with us for a long time.

We base our pricing structure around how many properties can be covered in an area per hour. Some areas are slower to cover than others & to obey the laws regarding national minimum wage we have to pay employees more & so we charge more to account for this. We also pay our distributors for the time it takes to travel to & from an area outside of Lincoln, as well as paying our drivers a mileage allowance. Generally the further away from Lincoln you want us to deliver, the more it costs our business to cover the area & so the more we charge.