Addressed Mail

Addressed Mail Distribution

If you're looking to reach specific addresses with advertising material then we can help & provide a viable alternative to royal mail for a fraction of the cost. Delivering addressed mail is obviously more time consuming than delivering to every address in an area & so our pricing reflects this. We only take on direct mail jobs when you want them delivering within one location & have a minimum order of 100 addresses. Addressed Mail delivery is mainly used to send more targeted advertising to potential customers & can work well for some types of business.

What are the advantages of addressed mail distribution?

The benefits of addressed mail are that you have much greater control over the types of customers you're targeting & as such you are more likely to get a response. It's the most targeted yet personal service available & when used properly can reach people who are already primed & open to receiving information from you or who care about the matter your addressed mail campaign is regarding. As an example, perhaps you're involved with a local political party & you wish to survey all of the members within a certain area regarding what they think of current policies. All you would need is your membership lists & you can prepare surveys of the members in order to gauge opinion.

We can deliver addressed mail at a much better rate per envelope than Royal Mail & have delivered 20,000 surveys for a political party previously which were all addressed for the purpose of surveying members in the run up to the 2015 general election.

The reason you may choose us to deliver your addressed mail instead of royal mail is because if you're sending for example 1000 addressed letters within the same city, it would cost you £650 in stamps whereas we can perform the same job for much less than this.

Pricing ideas can be found here or for a competitive quote on GPS tracked leaflet distribution, call us on 01522 262705