GPS Tracking

GPS tracking explained.

A GPS tracker is a device that uses satellite technology to record the route taken from point A to point B.
We use GPS tracking to record exactly which route has been taken whilst delivering leaflets to all of the properties within your selected areas. This is done to build trust between the customer & ourselves as we can show you the exact route taken. Once a delivery is complete we compile the GPS data & send this to the customer.

We are the only leaflet distribution business based in Lincolnshire offering GPS tracking as standard for our services. We have found that GPS tracking is by far the best way to monitor & ensure that every leaflet is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Each time one of our distributors starts the day they turn on their GPS device & start to deliver.

The tracker takes a reading of their location every few seconds & records this to within a few metres. When the day is complete we can view the finished round on a map. (see example below) & compare it to the original route map to ensure that every house has been delivered to correctly.

The GPS data is then emailed to our clients so that they can see the routes taken during the leaflet distribution process.

There is no extra charge for the use of this system. We believe that GPS tracking should be standard in the leaflet distribution industry as it is the only way of making sure that we are getting the best from our distributors and that you are getting the service your business deserves.

Live GPS Tracking.

We now use live GPS tracking & can see where our employees are at any point during the working day as well as how the distribution to an area is progressing. Clients can log into our website & see this information & check our distributors are doing the job correctly in real life.

We use the latest technology & we’re proud to offer the fully transparent service which made us the largest leaflet distribution business in Lincolnshire.

We also use software which uses royal mail data to tell us how many properties are in any area so we can help our clients to reduce print costs.